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Jan. 2nd, 2009 10:59 pm
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I have only one thing to say about the whole episode.

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Of Rodney's...

Tasty sandwich.

Also? Icon:

Lets see how long I can keep this up.
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Oh yes he does. Quick and stuff. This is how I feel most days. I understand now Rodney. I UNDERSTAND.

John doesn't know if he is jealous of coffee yet.


Oct. 24th, 2007 12:30 pm
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Seeing all the posting about it makes me realize maybe I should catch up and you know, finish watching S3 :|

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Just me and all my spoogy love for this show.

Spoilers )
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So, in asking [ profile] seperis to help come up with ideas to draw, the idea of John in a kilt came up. And being the ever good little reference user, looked for a pattern to work off of.

AND I FOUND THIS. SWEET JESUS. so no worksafe )

and my results? not so much.

I'm thinking I could do so much better. REALLY. )
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I just dont know what it IS
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Rodney may say he wants TV and bathbubbles back or his sleep number mattress, but what he really wants?

He just wants a krispy kreme doughnut.

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Title: Blue Moon
Fandom: SGA
Characters: John Sheppard/Rodney Mckay/Atlantis
Prompt: 45. Moon
Rating: PG
Author's notes: It's raining outside and it's all cold and it makes me think of whatever downtime they might have at atlantis and just, how sad they could feel.

Now I'm no longer alone. Without a dream in my heart. Without a love of my own )

SGA doodle

Mar. 13th, 2006 01:45 am
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stupid lil songs that.. that make me want john to give rodney pudding because he WANTS rodney to have his pudding and eat it and be happy and... yes, im 14. :|

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To those wonderful people who made me things, here are some pretty things for you :D for those who made me pretty things and I have not made YOU something, please comment with what you wish. I will do my best to fulfill it, but you know, no kinky Kavanagh with Steve the wraith :( I have limits.

[ profile] vileseagullsthose late nights in the lab when rodney is gone )

[ profile] fan_thiswell... it said rodney!kitty in your interests, so ah )

My computer is also being a huge turd and freezing every so often and just not restarting *cries* so flist *waves as it speeds away from her*
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So, as I said, artwork for [ profile] maryavatar for the FIC THAT YOU SHOULD READ.

Rodney, who was morosely blowing bubbles in his milk )

Rodney rarred very quietly and covered his eyes with his claws )

Will be getting to the rest of what I owe some wonderful people.

Like [ profile] lillyjk who just wrote me some Rodney and his big cock smex.
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That I am willing to trade my SOUL for to get.

A list of fic. )

And fer reals. I will trade whatever it takes to get this. WHATEVER. *puts body up for sale*

EDIT: I am SERIOUSLY SERIOUS about #2. Or really, any of them. I WILL DRAW YOU THINGS. I can make little icons or become your slave or WHATEVER. Seriously, serious here.


Jan. 28th, 2006 12:14 am
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Dear Rodney,

I'm sorry for the urge to make you into an insane mad half-man, half-dino but,

I cannot help myself )

Playing around in Flash and the wonders that come from my mind just CAME OUT. I'm sure if I play long enough, soon it will have motion and sounds.


EDIT: I NEED a fic were Rodney is turned into a tiny stuffed dinosaur and is all "FEAR ME *RAWR*" but they either ignore him, because they cannot see him as he is a foot tall, or hold him and cuddle him and poke his little belly. <3<3<3


PS - [ profile] slodwick can take the blame for this. With her little dino icons and her cute little carson graphics, IT'S HER, REALLY. HER.
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I blame [ profile] lcsbanana. I blame her LOTS.

title: Cupcake Land
fandom: SGA
rating: pg
comments: bored before work. doodle. rodney is a dangerous creature.

...we are filled with chocolate! TE-HEE!! )
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In a bit of an art rut now. Working on a big project for RL events and all otherwork is on stand by. Means, well, I have my program open as I try so hard to draw for the rest of the art meme, but am really lacking the feeling, you know?

Anway, thought i should post SOMETHING. This is a quick (and so bad) of a one Mr. John Sheppard that I drew along with the Rodney sketch I posted some time ago. That one John sketch that I said would never see the light of day again? This is it.

He wears the bling bling and gets nothing but the slap of a hand )
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Tiny little doodle that I drew a little while ago with some new markers and decided to upload.

enjoy? )
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The mind is a dirty dirty place and GOD, I WANT LOLITA JOHN WITH RODNEY SEX. SO. BAD.

(ALL CAPS warning)


american beauty meet SGA )

onthecontrary: because you are thinking about John in little red spanky pants and a short red skirt, blushing so hard but still sitting on Rodney's lap )

Done posting, because unlike John, I do have a sense of modesty.


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