Dec. 7th, 2011 05:44 pm
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Wow, its been awhile. I am alive and well and now have a home, job and a computer. Don't think i will be getting back into fandom anytime soon. But I wanted to say hey.

And that I missed all you guys.


Jul. 25th, 2010 06:06 pm
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I have one now. A tublr page all my own. Which I think I will be using for random little doodle postings and what not. Because I have a lot of them, but I don't post them here since. I don't know, feel weird about spamming my flist with them so just never do? And random life updates. Yes.

Still Spaggel on Tumblr.

That is all.

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This is for [livejournal.com profile] lavvyan . Who has been not only an amazing editor, saving me time and time again, but just an all around amazing person whom I am very happy to have on my team. Because my love is SO STRONG, I promised a gift. Pretty sure this wasn't what we talked about, but ah, maybe it will still work? OH GOD, PLEASE LOVE ME STILL D:

Title: Watsunzel
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Characters: Holmes, Watson, Mustache
Rating: G
Notes: My personal subtitle is: "The day Holmes gave up drugs" or really, what causes me to think about things like this.

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I believe in Warnings, I believe in large general warnings, common warnings. Rape, Abuse, Death, Violence. I think they are a great tool for people to use to get around fandom without personal mishap.

I believe in Descriptions. Sex pollen, rimming, fisting, mpreg, S&M,etc. They too are great tools to help people with triggers be able to navigate fandom or know that even though there is a general warning, having that extra description lets them know that hey, I can or now really cannot read this. They are a great tool for people with squicks too.

I believe in Choose Not To Warn. An author has the right to state that they are not putting any warnings on even though triggers and squick my be involved. They are not saying this is a clean fic/vid/art work, they are saying I am not warning, this is a tool to let you know that all your triggers might be in this.

Because I believe in Warnings and Descriptions, that I love them, I also know that they are not always accurate. They cannot be all encompassing because everyone is so very different. Every cause of trauma is different, it leaves different impressions and people have to deal with them differently. Not every trigger is known and accounted for. Not every trigger trauma related. Some are very different, some are very common and some people just would not think of.

When people do or do not warn it is not out of spite or to cause harm. Having Warnings and Descriptions are a courtesy, they are a choice, a tool, not a moral obligation, towards other fans to help them.

Dear dude,

Jul. 6th, 2010 01:30 am
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When you are hitting on me in a bar and asking me to come see your show the next day. When I say I can't go because I work late, the correct response would be something like,

"Oh, where do you work?"

And not,

"Are you a stripper or something?"

Just FYI
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So in another epic life failure of something-something. I cut my head open pretty damn good at work. On a metal basket.


Here are some pictures! WARNING - kind of bloody/gory )
So, yeah.

True Blood

Jun. 12th, 2010 05:07 pm
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I might have started watching it with my roommate. OH GOD. I just, it's just. So.


Yet, YET. I am downloading all of it RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT. For reasons. Bad ones. Like, vidding reasons.

This cannot end well.
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I thought I would post this recipe because I am eating it right now and I keep it on a constant rotation. It's pretty simple, only uses one pot to cook everything in and is pretty interchangeable in ingredients. Nothing that can't be changed to suit someones taste.  No measurements posted because I don't really use them (except in baking) but if you really want to know, ask and I'll try to estimate.

Anything listed next to an ingredient in ( ) is what can be put in place, all are things that I have used myself instead, it's all depending on what I have in the fridge.

One-Pot Gorgonzola Pasta: )

I also added fresh spinach to mine, a long with fresh tomato's on top and a little extra gorgonzola crumbles. Green onion and red onion are also good additions.

And you are done!

Sorry for the crappy camera phone photos :\

I wonder...

Jun. 5th, 2010 02:05 pm
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Is there a comm out there, one that I might be missing, that is like a flash fic comm, or a drabble comm? But for all types of fannish works? Fic, art, icons, mixes, vids, etc?
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A couple of pieces that I did a little bit ago on some small note cards. Little fun guys that I think I will do a series of and turn into cards to give out to family and the like. I dunno. Again, taken with my camera since well, printer? Yeah.

Haven't had a chance to clean them up, but enjoy.

Title(s): Rhino I Know, Mermaid is Waiting, Big Burst, All Messed Up, Bit O Bloom (YES I NAMED ALL OF THEM D:)
Rating: PG
Comments: LOVED ♥

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So, I took a couple of pictures of the outfit I had for Mardi Gras. After I got back, since I totally forgot to take my camera with me. So slightly drunk (er... more then slightly) and a little flusttered as this was 4am and I just spent 2 hours with my DD trying to get a drunk girl home who kept giving us crosstreets that DIDN'T EXIST.

Then she puked all over me. Then I had to reach into her coat pocket, which she also had puked in, to get her keys to let her into her house. She gave me a kiss on my cheek with her pukey lips too, to say thanks for getting her home.

Yeah. Well, I got cleaned up.

but photos cause well, I'm just like that. Slighly Image heavy. )
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Drawing a bit more. On lined paper which I haven't cleaned up, and drawing on lined paper is so junior high. Also don't have a scanner so I had to use my camera and the colors are a bit off, but my computer is hating my software so it will just have to stay like this for a while. Yes.

Title: NONE (3 pieces)
Rating: PG (for the f-word)
Comments: UM. YEAH. I don't know why I draw what I draw sometimes. Or like, ever.

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Or what happens when I'm a little drunk ♥

If it gets squished, go here
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Something not fandom related! Well, one of a couple more that are coming but I wanted to post this little guy first.

Title: Sending you...
Rating: PG (He has a.... bum)
Notes: Originally at Tegaki Because I wanted a cool little background.
Comments: ♥

sending something new for you from me please enjoy and then give it away for free )
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Posted this over on [livejournal.com profile] leupagus LJ in one of her posts. Thought I should re-post it.

Title: I knew a woman, lovely in her bones
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Pairing: Gaila/McCoy
Warning/Notes: Ah, yeah. Sketchy + Quick. Semi-nude. NSFW.

Comments are loved.

She taught me Touch, that undulant white skin: I nibbled meekly from her proffered hand )
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So, reading around and following my flist about he events at WinCon 2008, and do I mean reading around. There is also a couple posts about the attendees speaking up for themselves and what this entitles.

This might have the potential for triggery subjects.

It really goes to show that people don't know how victim blaming works. )
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Or how I'm kind of hairy and I don't care if you are or not.
And no one else should either.

Rambling if you will, about body hair. )
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So, I have never done this meme because, well, whenever it pops up my room/house is a mess I cannot just show you that. BUT! I have cleaned, oh have I cleaned (well, er, mostly) and so now I can do it! Not that I won't you know, maybe move something out of the way because it's a junk pile that needs to be taken out.

Go ahead and ask me for a photo of anything in my room or in or around my house. Ask for a couple of things if you want. Specific or general, it's yours to gawk at.


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