Nov. 6th, 2007 12:49 pm
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Hurrah! Finally getting around to writing about it, not that I have mush to say other then "OMG, I'M SO GLAD I WENT". Last time I went was 2 years ago and I forgot how wonderful it can really be. (I KNOW, I'm possible a horrible person for that)

I've friended a few people that I meet because of it *waves* and... uh... A certain someone might be getting Lorne art? The world may never know.

Hopefully I will be getting around to writing about the panels that I loved (i.e. all of them) but I will have to see as I need to finish watching the vid show dvd (as I missed it)

*still is unpacking*
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A long time coming, but I finally have the pictures from the BAScon vid review! Where I sat and drew 19 pictures to go a long with the vid review since we weren't able to access the equipment.

Enjoy! :D

Warning: image intense, not for the dial-up friends out there. I also suck at cleaning up images, as the images where taken with a (crappy) digital camera (mine :|)

Hallelujah by Zoe Rayne & Rache )

Kid Fears by Shalott )

Paint it Black by Kallie )

Moment Couldn't Break by Lierdumoa & Kanzeyori )

Ghost by Morgan Dawn )

Wanted Dead or Alive by Kassidy Rae )

Wild Wild West by Bunniqula )

Footlose by SDwolfpup )

Don't Know Why I Love You by Justacat & P. R. Zed )

Be My Luck by Jackie K )

Happy Happy Birthday Song by Kimera )

The Joker by Abby akak TV_Elf )

Days Go By by Recycled Media Station )

A Day in The Life by Shalott & Speranza )

Mr. Sandman by Sally Seymour )

You Make Me Feel So Young by Morgan Logan )

Crush Story by Clucking bells: Sandy & Rache )

Exlie by Wolfling )

Needful (my skin) by Fenlings )

SGA ficlett

Nov. 9th, 2005 05:10 pm
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I thought I would, yet again, procrastinate (still working on replies, con report, pic, etc) a little more by posting a tiny little thing I ended up writing at the ficlett/drabble panel. Which was super awesome because, [ profile] permetaform was there, [ profile] diluvian (whom I got to meet, huzza!) and [ profile] mistressace (who I also got to meet, omg, she is SO TALL.) and I wrote things with them and talked about fics and such. (Cons? Best thing EVER.)


Title: The Fall of Rodney McKay
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: John/Rodney
Warning: Quick, stupid and well, no beta. Be warned.

Rodney knew something was wrong )


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