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But oh, am I getting there.

Having moved, yet again, I have been without Internet (an my computer, GOD :( ) for the past couple of months. And even if I DID have my computer I would not have time to use it as I now have two full time jobs (Really, like, 80+ hours a week cuts out anything but eating and sleeping) But hey, you know, money? ahahaha, ha. Yes, also, second "new" part time job that I have is at Victoria's Secret. It's ah... yeah. I touch a lot of boobies all day long and smell like a whore house (but a GOOD smelling whore house)

Maybe, just maybe, I will be on more. But I do not know since transporting my computer it REFUSES TO TURN ON. GOD DAMMIT. HATE.

I wish Rodney was here to help me :( He could also fix my car and stuff. And then Carson would be here and fix the HORRIBLE BURN that I have on my foot. (yeah for hot oil, oh you first job you)

P's and S's. I'm sure I will get around to the fanart100. REALLY, no lie. No, no lie. And also? Any super AMAZING fic/art/things I have missed. I AM SO ALONE FANDOM. SO. ALONE.

Feed me. AIM me (cookiesnbooze).

Hug, kiss, hug and a little kiss and big kiss and a little kiss.


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You can't leave me I said. For if you go, I will only have myself to talk to.

You have only been talking to yourself the whole time I replied, then left.


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