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So, I took a couple of pictures of the outfit I had for Mardi Gras. After I got back, since I totally forgot to take my camera with me. So slightly drunk (er... more then slightly) and a little flusttered as this was 4am and I just spent 2 hours with my DD trying to get a drunk girl home who kept giving us crosstreets that DIDN'T EXIST.

Then she puked all over me. Then I had to reach into her coat pocket, which she also had puked in, to get her keys to let her into her house. She gave me a kiss on my cheek with her pukey lips too, to say thanks for getting her home.

Yeah. Well, I got cleaned up.

but photos cause well, I'm just like that. Slighly Image heavy. )
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So! Halloween was eventful, before the night even started I was involved in a little photoshoot for my friends photography project.

Chris, a good friend, and I were asked to model. I don't have the photos from the shoot (which I might post once she is done developing them) but! I do have the after shoot in which my poor digital camera is whipped out (harhar) and some photo's are taken.

Behold! A little image heavy. )

Also! Two little Halloween photos. I really don't have that many of myself since I was behind the camera all night.

But here they are! )


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