Nov. 13th, 2007 03:53 pm
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'm now no longer homeless as I have just spent the day spending monies for my new apartment and yesssss... it's next to EVERYTHING. Right downtown and cheap and by the Co-op of all amazing foods (in which I can get all my crazy hard to find foods). It's also super cute, with a huge living room, kitchen AND dining room. Totally retro with it's crazy wall panelling, fabric cabinets and pink linoleum. ITS FOR THE WIN. Plus side is also having an amazing room mate.

*Pets shiny new openCanvas 3 Plus* I have been wanting this forever <3<3<3 for it does many a thing like Paint, yet is easy to handle like the original openCanvas.

Though now that I have it I have to figure out what I want to draw D:

In other news I have fallen into deep love with the band "The Shaky Hands" and have them on serious repeat :| I have uploaded a few tracks to show their AMAZINGNESS OF ALL AMAZING OF ALL TIME.

SAMPLES: (two very different tracks)
Summer's life - is one track that I have on repeat and it MOVES ME DAMMIT. I kind of want to vid it. To what? I don't know (SGA? Gen?) SHOULD I?
Hold It Up - also crazy amazing and showing that they are SO AMAZING.

Should I upload more? Hmmmmm???

UH.... that's all?


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