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2009-12-06 12:57 am

Vid: "Fire it up" Star Trek XI

"Well, we always had it all."

Title: Fire it up
Artist: Modest Mouse
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Summary: It's about the crew and they are just so new to it all.
Notes: Unbeta'd and for fun. First vid in a long long time. Also, pre-DVD rip. I started this a long time ago.

Megaupload- Here - 65mb

When we fix the carburetor, then we'll push off once again in an hour or so later. )
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2009-10-21 03:34 pm

A little collaborating on startrek.

I love my [ profile] myrafur and I love drawing with her EVEN MORE.

We have made pretty StarTrek Heads! :D

She drew the ladies and I drew the dudes )
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2009-10-12 11:27 pm

Chekov's gonna smack a bitch.

Ah, SO. Totally based off of the AMAZING idea that Chekov is the Russian Pikachu. (I choose you Pashachu!) I cannot remember where it's from (Link anyone?) so I make no claim to this idea.

But I could not get it out of my head ALL DAY D:

I will give you even bigger shock if you do not stop staring )
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2009-08-23 10:04 pm

Jim hates Hypos SO BAD

EDIT: insert a remix. insert chekov. )

I have been reading so much Kirk/McCoy I might puke. I also need to catch up on my friends list.