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Omg, so, The Scissor Sisters? I love them, really, I DO. Sometimes a little too much.

Title: Filthy Gorgeous
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Snape/Draco (laksdj I KNOW, NOT ME)
Notes: I BLAME A SONG. Sad to say so, but yes, I've gotten that low. Poor song, all it was talking about was a hooker and a dirty bastard. No reason for me to even THINK of this.

Feedback is loved. because really, I want to make a music video out of this. And since, well, there is no real source for it, I might end up animating it if I ever figure out HOW.

EDIT - Download Song

Oh you're so filthy and I am gorgeous )

Lyrics )
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Go look and see what a lot of amazing, prolific, talented people can do. I feel all :">!! over the fact that I was on the same project with them.

a little somthin, somthin to encourge you to go >:D )
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Gift art for: [ profile] cnary_crem_dght

Subject: Snape and Emo. (it's pop art, right?)

Medium: Opencanvas, Photoshop CS and tablet

Rating: G

Comments: Snape is so Emo, and Emo is pop culture, right? LARGE 700x700

Oh Snape )

One piece down, two more to go :|:|:|
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Since some of my flist has exploded due to little Draco Malfoy's birthday, I too, have decided to celebrate.

Happy Birthday Mr. Malfoy )
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While trying to draw the sketches and come up with piece ideas for [ profile] big_bang_hd I can come to the conclusion, that yes, I have have never really craved the H/D pairing like I have craved others and therefor have a horrible time coming up with ideas.

And a hard time being serious about it all. )


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