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A lot of things, mostly Shady Bar's. Of which I am prone to hanging out because:

A) CHEAP drinks
B) Drunks crazier then me.

Combined this leads to an all around amazing night and one's which I should start filming because these things ONLY HAPPEN TO ME.

I enter shady bar we will call 10th st as it is named such. I sit, drink, get hammered when shady old man enters, drunk already and starts talking to me at the bar. Apparently I am the nicest woman EVER. sdhfkjsdhfkj Which I am a total ass when drunk. When several guys try to get him away from me because well, only girl in shady bar with all her front teeth is being hassled by drunk old man. That's like, prime time to step in and get some, right? uhuhdkajsdhkj
BUT I STOP THEM, because this crazy old man, who is named charlie (I fucking kid you NOT) has just GOTTEN OUT OF THE EMERGANCY ROOM kdjalskdj He has his little arm band STILL ON. He is the ULTIMATE DEDICATED DRINKER. I am amazed.

There are many more and better out there. I think I will have to start taking a video recorder where ever I go as it seem I could make MILLIONS off this. Not to meantion all the shit I pull. :(


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You can't leave me I said. For if you go, I will only have myself to talk to.

You have only been talking to yourself the whole time I replied, then left.


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