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EDIT I'm moving this up just to keep better track of it for myself.

That's right kids. $2 commisions.

Mostly because I got laid off.

It's pretty simple:
1. Comment me with what you want and I'll add you to the list.
2. I will do any fandom/original character (SGA, Harry potter, Merlin, KHR. Other? please provide a refrence photo).
3. I suck at backgrounds, but I will do props and up to 2 characters. And color.
4. I'll comment with the preview image and you send via paypal.
5. Then you get your sweet new image, which are you free to do ANYTHING with. I don't even post it in my gallery. All I ask is that you not resale it (i.e. - buttons, etc)

If you want to know what your going to get out of it, here are examples. I promise to spend more time on them, 15-30 mins.
Examples: SGA - SGA - Merlin - Merlin - nsfw - Reborn - Smallville

Payment: Paypal only. I'll send you the request so please leave your e-mail in the comments.

I'm going to do five to start with and see how well that goes :D

I am adding to the list, going to make it 10 spots now, so if you still want one just comment! :D

EDIT - As of now, I'm not going to be adding to the list. It's getting big and while I'm not working, I'm still out job hunting and trying to cover shifts at an old job. I don't want people waiting too long for these. BUT! If you still want you can comment and it will hold your place in line, and when I get done with the first couple I will add you to the list!

1. [ profile] slashbluegreen - SGA J/R - done
2. [ profile] leupagus - Merlin... preggers - done
3. [ profile] astolat - Merlin sdfkg Slash!dragon done
4. [ profile] aurora_84 - SGA!gold digger done done
5. [ profile] pollitt - SGA - kisses and Dr. Who done done
6. [ profile] gillianinoz - SGA j/r+PUPPY! done
7. [ profile] coolgrin - Jensen and kitty
8. [ profile] iaskmyselfwwld - Arthur/Merlin - handholding
9. [ profile] aquamia - Tourchwood - TEA!
10. [ profile] expatiates - neal/dave - lovelove


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