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A couple of pieces that I did a little bit ago on some small note cards. Little fun guys that I think I will do a series of and turn into cards to give out to family and the like. I dunno. Again, taken with my camera since well, printer? Yeah.

Haven't had a chance to clean them up, but enjoy.

Title(s): Rhino I Know, Mermaid is Waiting, Big Burst, All Messed Up, Bit O Bloom (YES I NAMED ALL OF THEM D:)
Rating: PG
Comments: LOVED ♥

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Drawing a bit more. On lined paper which I haven't cleaned up, and drawing on lined paper is so junior high. Also don't have a scanner so I had to use my camera and the colors are a bit off, but my computer is hating my software so it will just have to stay like this for a while. Yes.

Title: NONE (3 pieces)
Rating: PG (for the f-word)
Comments: UM. YEAH. I don't know why I draw what I draw sometimes. Or like, ever.

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Or what happens when I'm a little drunk ♥

If it gets squished, go here
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So, I have been involved in the [ profile] big_bang_hd event. Er... well, TRIED. (I've been very bad about it all)

BUT! I was so very active in the forum. Mostly spurred on by other OMG SO MANY AMAZING ARTIST AND WRITERS. That I used the Paint program QUIT A BIT, let me tell you. Also YIM doodle.

If they don't make sense... ah. I think they really speak for themselves. :| MAYBE

Mostly HP HP/DM. Mostly... WARNING nsfw 'tiny penis' & image overload )
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The most random crap in history. I'm the queen of it, really. I have a crown and everything. This is also only the stuff that I SAVED. GOD.

It reminds me I need to do an art meme soon. Like a small one I can finish. Because I am bad at that. So. Bad.

Okay, yes, doodles. Have fun. Really. )
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Fighting the Man. By fucking Men.

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So, while trying (omg, TRYING) to do a cover for [ profile] amezri (but slacking off so badly) I came to the conclusion that John Shepperd really IS a 14 year old girl.

and here is the prof )
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this is mostly because now my short bus seat mate is at work and I am alone :(

onthecontrary: I could live a life completely naked for John )

lkajsdl IM SO BORED NOW.
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rageprufrock : I'm waiting for you to draw pregnnat!John

And I did )

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I really aplogize for the spammimg of doodles and Y!M conversation. Really. Some times.

onthecontrary: TO OLD MEN )

the rest of the doodles from out depraved minds )

[EDIT] - Because [ profile] onthecontrary told me to do so, me at snap's cup meme. GO ON, TELL ME WHAT YOU REALLY THINK.


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