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This is for [ profile] lavvyan . Who has been not only an amazing editor, saving me time and time again, but just an all around amazing person whom I am very happy to have on my team. Because my love is SO STRONG, I promised a gift. Pretty sure this wasn't what we talked about, but ah, maybe it will still work? OH GOD, PLEASE LOVE ME STILL D:

Title: Watsunzel
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Characters: Holmes, Watson, Mustache
Rating: G
Notes: My personal subtitle is: "The day Holmes gave up drugs" or really, what causes me to think about things like this.

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A couple of pieces that I did a little bit ago on some small note cards. Little fun guys that I think I will do a series of and turn into cards to give out to family and the like. I dunno. Again, taken with my camera since well, printer? Yeah.

Haven't had a chance to clean them up, but enjoy.

Title(s): Rhino I Know, Mermaid is Waiting, Big Burst, All Messed Up, Bit O Bloom (YES I NAMED ALL OF THEM D:)
Rating: PG
Comments: LOVED ♥

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Drawing a bit more. On lined paper which I haven't cleaned up, and drawing on lined paper is so junior high. Also don't have a scanner so I had to use my camera and the colors are a bit off, but my computer is hating my software so it will just have to stay like this for a while. Yes.

Title: NONE (3 pieces)
Rating: PG (for the f-word)
Comments: UM. YEAH. I don't know why I draw what I draw sometimes. Or like, ever.

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Or what happens when I'm a little drunk ♥

If it gets squished, go here
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Something not fandom related! Well, one of a couple more that are coming but I wanted to post this little guy first.

Title: Sending you...
Rating: PG (He has a.... bum)
Notes: Originally at Tegaki Because I wanted a cool little background.
Comments: ♥

sending something new for you from me please enjoy and then give it away for free )
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Posted this over on [ profile] leupagus LJ in one of her posts. Thought I should re-post it.

Title: I knew a woman, lovely in her bones
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Pairing: Gaila/McCoy
Warning/Notes: Ah, yeah. Sketchy + Quick. Semi-nude. NSFW.

Comments are loved.

She taught me Touch, that undulant white skin: I nibbled meekly from her proffered hand )
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Title: Hipster of My Heart
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (2009)
Characters: Holmes + Watson
Rating: G
Notes: Dedicated to the youths that hang out in front of the coffee shop all day smoking and looking trendy.

Holmes and Watson are so those kids and so IN to each other. )
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8 Years ago I started this livejournal. I was getting into QAF and well, found out that livejournal was the way to go. It's been a long ride since then and I can say that it has been a great one and one that I hope keeps going.

I want to put together a huge post about what LJ has brought me, in the forms of fandoms and people. That it's let me meet people I would have never got the chance to. Not only from all over the world, but in circles I would never run in. New experinces. It's been a way for me to escape when things became to hard to handle and a way to show joy. A way to have fun, be ridiculous, off the wall and just down right dirty. This LJ and everyone connected to it has brought me that. So I'll just say this.

Thank you.

As a way to celebrate and well, give a little something to everyone who has been with me (since the start and new!) I have for you arts. SGA arts even, which is the fandom I really started to draw in and my style has come such a long way since then. It's one that I really became active in and one that I have always loved, love now, and will be forever thankful for.

Title: How is all got started
Fandom: SGA
Rating: G
Characters: John, Rodney
Propmt: 001. Beginnings
Notes: I thought it only fitting.

You stop that RIGHT THIS SECOND. Oh god, Idiots. )
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These are the first two pieces for [ profile] syllic who won me at the at [ profile] help_haiti auction!

Fandom: From Eroica With Love
Rating: G
Notes: [ profile] syllic had asked if I knew about Eroica fandom. Oh, yes. Yes I do <3

Hello Darling )

Fandom: Merlin
Rating: G
Notes: Well, she said "...I think there probably need to be more drawings of Arthur and Merlin facing off over fine tea china, because they've just had a fight about Arthur wanting to buy ugly cowboy boots."

I like to think of what happened the next time they had tea.

I didn't buy them. I'm the king, they just GAVE them to me. )

PLEASE NOTE: Unlike all my other works, these are not up for grabs.
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SO, not exactly what you wanted but I WASN'T SURE HOW MARY WOULD PAY FOR HOLMES IN WATSONS. I GOT CONFUSED D: So instead there is something else for you. REALLY.


So quick and shaky hands because of coffee and JUST LOOK.

It's rather sweet OK? )
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That's right, I started a thread @ [ profile] help_haiti. I'm donating 3 pieces of artwork to one lucky bidder at this thread
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So, I've been going about drawing for the [ profile] sherlockkink and well, I thought I should post them all in one spot. Yes.

There are 4 of them behind this cut. All ridiculous. All work safe. )
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We all know I'm super bad about being on time with things. V. bad. So I bring you the piece I did for [ profile] cards_slash 69 trick or treat meme.

Title: Hot Kiss for some Hot Stuff (aka - The times square kiss)
Series: Star Trek XI
Pairing: Bones/Kirk
Promt: Bones in a Sailor Uniform. (That little hat is optional)

Blue looks good on a Bones and Coral really is Jim's color. )
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EDIT I'm moving this up just to keep better track of it for myself.

That's right kids. $2 commisions.

Mostly because I got laid off.

It's pretty simple:
1. Comment me with what you want and I'll add you to the list.
2. I will do any fandom/original character (SGA, Harry potter, Merlin, KHR. Other? please provide a refrence photo).
3. I suck at backgrounds, but I will do props and up to 2 characters. And color.
4. I'll comment with the preview image and you send via paypal.
5. Then you get your sweet new image, which are you free to do ANYTHING with. I don't even post it in my gallery. All I ask is that you not resale it (i.e. - buttons, etc)

If you want to know what your going to get out of it, here are examples. I promise to spend more time on them, 15-30 mins.
Examples: SGA - SGA - Merlin - Merlin - nsfw - Reborn - Smallville

Payment: Paypal only. I'll send you the request so please leave your e-mail in the comments.

I'm going to do five to start with and see how well that goes :D

I am adding to the list, going to make it 10 spots now, so if you still want one just comment! :D

EDIT - As of now, I'm not going to be adding to the list. It's getting big and while I'm not working, I'm still out job hunting and trying to cover shifts at an old job. I don't want people waiting too long for these. BUT! If you still want you can comment and it will hold your place in line, and when I get done with the first couple I will add you to the list!

1. [ profile] slashbluegreen - SGA J/R - done
2. [ profile] leupagus - Merlin... preggers - done
3. [ profile] astolat - Merlin sdfkg Slash!dragon done
4. [ profile] aurora_84 - SGA!gold digger done done
5. [ profile] pollitt - SGA - kisses and Dr. Who done done
6. [ profile] gillianinoz - SGA j/r+PUPPY! done
7. [ profile] coolgrin - Jensen and kitty
8. [ profile] iaskmyselfwwld - Arthur/Merlin - handholding
9. [ profile] aquamia - Tourchwood - TEA!
10. [ profile] expatiates - neal/dave - lovelove
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Now is the time where I post all the art that has been backlogged and I never get around to posting here.

Multifandoms, original, crack and other things. Image Heavy - Some are pg-13 I don't think I've posted them before but I've been known to forget about EVERYTHING.

Have questions, I could have an answer. I hope. Comments LOVED <3<3<3
SG: Atlantis )

Katekyo Hitman Reborn )

Katamari.... naruto and ALL OTHERS )
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So, yes, some art. A little random stuff. Some Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Smallville.

Also, NSFW. With tiny pink butt cheeks and boxes...

Smallville. Because I had an issue and Seperis has good fic. )


Reborn. Because Myra is like drinking. You forget what it makes you DO. )

And now... to finish cleaning the house or read more fic. Fic? SUGGESTIONS?
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Of Rodney's...

Tasty sandwich.

Also? Icon:

Lets see how long I can keep this up.
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Oh yes he does. Quick and stuff. This is how I feel most days. I understand now Rodney. I UNDERSTAND.

John doesn't know if he is jealous of coffee yet.


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