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I believe in Warnings, I believe in large general warnings, common warnings. Rape, Abuse, Death, Violence. I think they are a great tool for people to use to get around fandom without personal mishap.

I believe in Descriptions. Sex pollen, rimming, fisting, mpreg, S&M,etc. They too are great tools to help people with triggers be able to navigate fandom or know that even though there is a general warning, having that extra description lets them know that hey, I can or now really cannot read this. They are a great tool for people with squicks too.

I believe in Choose Not To Warn. An author has the right to state that they are not putting any warnings on even though triggers and squick my be involved. They are not saying this is a clean fic/vid/art work, they are saying I am not warning, this is a tool to let you know that all your triggers might be in this.

Because I believe in Warnings and Descriptions, that I love them, I also know that they are not always accurate. They cannot be all encompassing because everyone is so very different. Every cause of trauma is different, it leaves different impressions and people have to deal with them differently. Not every trigger is known and accounted for. Not every trigger trauma related. Some are very different, some are very common and some people just would not think of.

When people do or do not warn it is not out of spite or to cause harm. Having Warnings and Descriptions are a courtesy, they are a choice, a tool, not a moral obligation, towards other fans to help them.
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