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I thought I would post this recipe because I am eating it right now and I keep it on a constant rotation. It's pretty simple, only uses one pot to cook everything in and is pretty interchangeable in ingredients. Nothing that can't be changed to suit someones taste.  No measurements posted because I don't really use them (except in baking) but if you really want to know, ask and I'll try to estimate.

Anything listed next to an ingredient in ( ) is what can be put in place, all are things that I have used myself instead, it's all depending on what I have in the fridge.

One-Pot Gorgonzola Pasta:

  • Butter (Olive oil)
  • Garlic
  • Onion (Shallots)
  • Mushrooms
  • Thyme (Rosemary, Sage)
  • Heavy Cream (Half & Half, longer to thicken)
  • Gorgonzola (Any Blue Cheese)
  • Penne (Fettuccine, Rigatoni, Bowtie)
  • Turkey (Sausage, Chicken, Steak strips)
Use your one large pot to cook off pasta. Once done, drain and set to side. (it doesn't matter if it cools down)

Put butter in pan, bring up heat. Toss in garlic, onion, mushrooms and saute till a little brown. (a little salt and pepper too) One done, turn down heat medium and add in heavy cream. Add in thyme and let slowly cook down, stir every once an a while too prevent top being formed. This step can take a while depending how thick you want it. I add a roux (butter/flour) to help since i like thick sauces.

Once thickened, ladle out thyme and add in Gorgonzola to taste, you know if you like your cheese strong or not, stir till melted. Add in Meat (I choose turkey since i just cooked a whole one off) and pasta, stir.

I also added fresh spinach to mine, a long with fresh tomato's on top and a little extra gorgonzola crumbles. Green onion and red onion are also good additions.

And you are done!

Sorry for the crappy camera phone photos :\
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